Stop The Presses!

May 31-Jun. 6: Mariah Carey Quits Film One Week Before Start

Stop The Presses!

This week was full of surprises. Temptations singerAli-Ollie Woodson succumbed to cancer, Paul McCartney serenaded the First Lady,and Bret Michaels continued to beat the odds. And as for the latest, MariahCarey's abrupt withdrawal from Tyler Perry's forthcoming film has prompted aresponse from the Precious producer.


Many are suggesting that Carey dropping out of the moviebased on Ntozake's Shange's play ForColored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf is proofthat the superstar singer, who recently celebrated her second weddinganniversary with Nick Cannon, is pregnant.

At press time, no one has gone on record to confirm thatCarey is expecting.

Perry said he won't speculate as to why Carey pulled-out ofthe film, but he does want to know what happened. He said he would likeconfirmation that her decision was based on a physician's advice.

"I want a doctor's note," Perry joked in a letter on his website.

Perry's vacation was interrupted when he received the callthat Carey would no longer be in the film, forcing him to immediately returnhome to recast the role.

"I said, 'What? You're kidding? It's five days before shehas to go to work, nobody does that. We have a deal," Perry said of hisreaction.

Perry added that whatever the circumstances, Mariah has hissupport. "I am a huge Mariah Carey fan and always will be," he said. ""What Ido know of the woman is that she is a professional and wouldn't back out of adeal unless it was a major issue."

A spokesperson for Carey confirmed with Yahoo! Music thatthe singer's physician recommended that she not take on the role.

Carey was replaced by Thandie Newton, People.comreported. Perry noted that the official cast includes Newton, Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, KerryWashington, and Phylicia Rashad.

Well, one thing is for sure. If Carey is pregnant, she willnot be able to keep it a secret for too long.

There's no mystery surround M.I.A.'s song "I'm A Singer"that debuted this week on the controversial artist's website. She is attacking New York Times writer Lynn Hirschberg,who questioned the sincerity of M.I.A.'s politicized image and music in arecent article.

On a happier note, Green Day follow the Beatles as thesecond band to get their own customized "Rock Band" video game.


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