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Meet ‘The Danish Justin Bieber’–13-Year-Old Lookalike With A Record Deal!

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Benjamin Lasnier/YouTube

Can't get enough Justin Bieber? Well, Beliebers, you're in luck--or, you just may be enraged. There's a new kid in town and he promises to offer even more of that unique JB vibe.

Young Danish lad Benjamin Lasnier looks like Justin, lip-syncs to Justin's music, and is rapidly gaining a following that may one day rival Justin' the rate he's attracting attention.

Lasnier started building his reputation in typical tween form. Last year, when he was just 12 years old, he joined Instagram and began posting a stream of selfies--lots of grins and wide-eyed poses for the iPhone. From the first picture, he attracted "likes," smitten comments--and followers.

A year later and a couple thousand unabashedly self-centered shots, he's up to nearly 800K followers on the social media platform.

The now 13-year-old expanded his reach to YouTube, where he posts videos of his best takes on popular songs--Bieber's, as well as other artists such as One Direction. Despite the fact that he hasn't really exhibited original musical talent (or sheesh, any musical talent at all) the kid has managed to score himself a record deal with Sony.

According to the Guardian, his rep at Sony notes "Every talent starts from scratch." No word on when his album will be coming out, but baby, baby, we'll be curious to hear it. What do you think of this new sensation?

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