Stop The Presses!

Mel Gibson’s Got Another Passion

Stop The Presses!

Oksana Grigorieva's new video "Beautiful Heartache,"directed by her boyfriend Mel Gibson, offers poignant imagery.

When the classically trained pianist sings, "I will dance onyour fingertips," the keys on the baby grand she is playing become engulfed inflames.

A love interest pulls her from behind the burning piano andthe couple shares a passionate tango, ignoring the disco inferno.

Grigorieva keeps the romance blazing on the song about beingmadly in love. She sings that she would "commit any crime if I could spendnights with you," and adds that there's "no chance I wouldn't take, a rule Iwouldn't break, no lesson I wouldn't love, no book I wouldn't burn."

Can this song be interpreted as a statement about the lengthsthis Russian beauty will go to get her man?

The song is the title track from Grigorieva's forthcoming self-titledalbum on Gibson's Icon Entertainment. But she and Gibson have an even biggerproject in the works, a baby, due late fall.

In June, Grigorieva, released a video for another track,"Say My Name."

Visit Oksana's website for a free download of the video and track.

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