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Miley Cyrus’ Fantasyland Birthday Bash

Stop The Presses!

Let's face it: not many girls can sum up their sweet 16 party by noting that "My parents shut down Disneyland for me, so I'm good for a while." But then again, not many girls are Miley Cyrus, whose dad Billy Ray and mom Tish did indeed host a big fat birthday bash for the teen idolette and about 5000 other "guests" at the famed Anaheim amusement park last night.

Of course, upon closer inspection, any, as Dumbo might say, characterization of Disneyland actually having been officially shut down for Miley's Magical Moment is just that--a characterization. According to reports, the Disney people (did I mention that Miley Cyrus works for Disney?) in point of fact SOLD tickets to this thing, and at a nice $250 a pop, too. And while a number of rides including Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean stayed open, the special Miley party exclusive "attractions" included lining up for a "Hannah Montana" makeover (wonder if they had the "Fast Pass" option for that one) and a chance to try out the soon to be released new Disney musical video game "Ultimate Band."

Now cynics might argue that this whole thing was thus essentially just a fall promotion/marketing event for Disney--did I mention that Miley Cyrus works for Disney?--especially since her real time birthday isn't until November 23. And you know how busy the place gets around Thanksgiving. Moreover, any of Cyrus' senior female celeb BFFs can tell her that in Celebrityland--that's right next door to Fantasyland, by the way--the general idea is to make people think you're younger than you really are, not older (unless you're a Chinese gymnast, that is.)

Then again, Miley did perform a brief mini (as opposed to micki) concert for her ticket-buying "invitees," and even poppa Billy Ray got into the, er, act, by opening for his daughter in a brief set that included, naturally, "Achy Breaky Heart"--which I seem to have a perhaps false memory of being somewhere in the "Country Bear Jamboree" setlist back before they closed it down a few years ago and replaced it with the Winnie the Pooh ride. And speaking of amusement park phantoms, the guest list for this party apparently included none other than "Ghost Whisperer" Jennifer Love Hewitt. If only she'd have jumped onstage to belt out "Barenaked." I'd have paid for that. 

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