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Most Memorable Madonna Moments: 36-40

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Our daily countdown of the top 50 highlights and lowlights in Madonna's career--leading up to her 50th (yes, 50th!) birthday on August 16--continues today with number 36 through 40. Feel free to share your own favorite Madonna memories on the board below, predict what will be the number one Madonna moment of all time...or just post your birthday well-wishes to the hottest half-centenarian ever.

36) She Get Breathless With Warren Beatty
Typecast as blonde-bombshell seductress Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy, Madonna was soon seducing her co-star on the set. Or so she would have the movie-ticket-buying public believe. See, at the time it was up for debate whether Warren and Madonna were actually a real Hollywood power couple, or if their romance was a mere marketing stunt to promote their film. However, if the latter was the case, the publicity they generated from being seen canoodling together certainly did not help this box-office bomb:

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37) Britney + Madonna = Blonde Ambition X2
At the time, "Me Against The Music" seemed like a classic baton-passing move: elder stateswoman Madonna, dressed in a ladylike white suit and brandishing a cane, starring in a video with the presumed successor to her pop throne, Britney Spears. And then some people accused Madonna of desperately trying to stay relevant by riding Britney's skimpy coattails. But now, five years later, Madonna's career is ironically in much, much better shape than Britney's--so much so that now it's Britney who's doing the coattail-riding, starring in a promo film for Madge's upcoming stadium tour. But here's their duet from back in the day:

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38) The Queen Of Pop Meets The Queen Of England
Few thing faze Madonna. Appearing naked in a coffeetable book, flouting Malawi adoption etiquette, wearing a brasseire seemingly fashioned out of pointy birthday-party hats...nope, nothing ruffles this woman. Except...meeting the Queen, possibly the one woman on the planet more iconic than her. The nervous, almost pained look on Madge's normally placid face when she curtsied for the Queen was almost downright charming--as if it proved she was an actual human being and not a fembot after all:

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39) "Music" Makes Madonna And Ali G Come Together
Long before Borat made him a household name, Sacha Baron Cohen was chauffeuring Lady Madonna around, playing her limo driver in a hilarious cameo in her video "Music." Indeed, savvy Madonna has always been good at surrounding herself with prime talent (Britney notwithstanding):

40) Madonna Debuts With "Everybody," 1982
The lo-res cable-access quality, baggy tomboy streetwear, and brunette crop-cut probably didn't make it obvious that this woman was a superstar in the making. But still, there was something about Madonna...

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Come back tomorrow for Madonna moments 31-35!

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