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Neil Young Approves Remake Of “Old Man”

Stop The Presses!

Music icon Neil Young is notorious for resisting the use of his work by others. He has steadfastly--and somewhat refreshingly--avoided any commercial use or sampling of his vast catalog. He even wrote a song about his views called "This One's For You."

So it comes as a surprise that Young has given the go-ahead to Redlight King, a little-known rock group whose song "Old Man" heavily references Neil's original from 1972.

In a brilliant story of perseverance, the band managed to get the track to the source of the matter after all other options were exhausted.

His managers, lawyers, and everyone in-between had initially denied the request. Yet after the song was passed to Neil himself, usage was approved for what became the ultimate personal stamp of approval.

Watch the video for "Old Man":

Watch Neil Young perform "Old Man" live in 1971:

Kaz, the frontman and songwriter for Redlight King, talks about the album:

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