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New Bob Marley And The Wailers Video Raises Awareness Of East Africa Crisis

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On Tuesday, the Bob Marleyestate, Simon Fuller, and Island Records founder Chris Blackwell globally releaseda new video for Bob Marley & The Wailers' 1973 song "High Tide Or LowTide."

The video documents the EastAfrica Crisis that is affecting more than 9 million people dying of starvation.

Edited by Kevin Macdonald,director of "Last King Of Scotland" and the forthcoming"Marley" documentary, the "High Tide Or Low Tide" video includesrecent footage of expressionless mothers caring for their children, oblivious toddlersplaying amidst skeletons of wildlife, and numerous frail, sick babies.

In one of the more poignantimages, a mother draws a bucket from a well only to find it filled with dirtand not one drop of water.

It's fitting that this songfrom Bob Marley & The Wailers' debut album would be selected to help raiseawareness of the tragedy.

The "High Tide Or LowTide" lyrics still provoke chills nearly 40 years after the song's debut. Marley,a late icon, who used his music to encourage social change, sings about one ofhis mother's prayers.

"A child is born in thisworld, he needs protection," Marley sings, quoting his mother. During the song'schorus, he pledges unconditional friendship: "In high seas or-a low seas,I'm gonna be your friend."

Partnering with Save TheChildren, the Marleys, Fuller, and Blackwell are hoping to make an impact.Universal Music Global has agreed to donate all profits from the video.

The Marley family wrote aletter asking the public to support the effort:

To Friends,

We are reachingout to you today to ask a favor. We believe that you can help us stop children dying [in] the most devastating foodcrisis happening today in East Africa.

Not one childshould be denied food nor water. Not one child should suffer from the conflictcaused by grown men. Over three million woman and children are suffering. Theyare innocent. They are not political. They are starving. Bob Marley, then andnow, stands for an Africa united, for onelove, for the protection of children worldwide. Please join us as we, alongwith Save The Children, stand up together as friends to put a stop to this needless waste of life, to feed our children andto save their lives.

We are asking youto please post our video message to your Facebook page. This generous act willhelp us reach through your friends and ours over two hundred million peopleworldwide.

One love,

The Marley family

More than 150 of the world's biggeststars have joined the cause and are encouraging their fans to watch the videoand donate.

Below is a list of thecelebrity supporters:

Lady Gaga
The Rolling Stones
Robert Plant
Kanye West
Justin Bieber
Cristiano Ronaldo
David Beckham
Brian May
Victoria Beckham
Jennifer Lopez
Carrie Underwood"
Gwen Stefani andNo Doubt
Ryan Seacrest
Lewis Hamilton
Elton John
Andy Murray
Enrique Iglesias
Scotty McCreery
Annie Lennox
Emma Bunton
Lauren Alaina
Jamie Murray
Britney Spears
Bruno Mars
Muhammed Ali
AC Milan
Charlize Theron
Conan O'Brien

Go to ImGonnaBeYourFriend.orgto make a donation.


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