Stop The Presses!

Nick Jonas’ Side-Project Video Inspired By Bruce Springsteen

Stop The Presses!

Nick Jonas, the baby of the Jonas Brothers clan,wasn't joking when he said he wanted to pattern his "side project" Nick Jonas& The Administration after rock legend Bruce Springsteen.

"I'm kind of modeling it after Bruce Springsteen & The EStreet Band," Nick told brothers Joe and Kevin during a RadioDisney interview in December. "It's kind of the look we were going forstylistically on the album cover and just the project in general."


The Boss is the first thing that comes to mind when viewingNick Jonas & The Administration's debut video, "Who I Am."

The video shot in black-and-white is part studio jam session,and part documentary-style message. As Nick belts through the lyrics that tout, "Iwant someone to love me for who I am," the camera pans to people holding signsexplaining their varied dispositions.

There is a young pregnant mother, an artist painted to looklike a statue, a sumo wrestler, an athlete with a prosthetic leg, a femalesolider and mother, a "blessed" family, an ex-con, a racially mixed child, an activist,and a cancer survivor.

Springsteen should be proud of his influence on the17-year-old lead singer of the internationally known Disney pop band.

Ironically, before joining the Disney Records family, theJonas Brothers were signed to Columbia Records, Springsteen's label home.

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The Administration includes former members of Prince's New Power Generation,drummer Michael Bland and keyboardist Tommy Barbarella. Another NPG vet,guitarist Sonny Thompson joins the group for live shows. The Administration alsoincludes producer and bassist John Fields and guitarist David Ryan Harris.

The album "Who I Am" was recorded in eight days last springwhile Nick's big bros were on vacation.

Nick laughs off fodder that the Jonas Brothers are breakingup. "It's kind of funny when you hear the breakup talk and you're gearing up tohave a really busy year," Nick told USAToday.

Nick Jonas & The Administration made its firsttelevision appearance at the Grammy Nominations Concert in December.

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