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Nirvana’s Former Label Issues Mock Video to Deluded Fan

Stop The Presses!

By Jon Wiederhorn

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The real Nirvana in 1992 (Photo: Jeff Kravitz)

Nirvana’s back! Well, not really, but four individuals at the band's former label Sub Pop Records have created a video posing as the multiplatinum alternative/grunge band that broke up in 1994 after the tragic suicide of frontman Kurt Cobain.

The move came in response to a letter by a misguided fan who thought Nirvana was still active, and wrote Sub Pop requesting that the band record a message for the Virginia Tech football team to support their homecoming game.

Rather than dismiss the request and chalk it up to the confusion of a not-so-knowledgable fan, the Sub Pop staffers, including a woman (Nirvana was an all-male band) shot a video of themselves billed as Nirvana, and emailed it to the fan.

Revealing herself to be more out of touch than when she submitted the request, the girl — who said she is the team's mascot — totally missed the joke and emailed back, "You are the best, thank you guys, you are awesome."

The original letter the mascot sent read: "As a homecoming candidate, we were wondering if Nirvana would send a quick video to us that we could include in our video collage to widely distribute to our 30,000+ students during Homecoming Week."

The note continued, "It would simply be, 'What’s up Virginia Tech? This is Nirvana! Just wanted to wish you guys a Happy Homecoming Week and good luck at the game this Saturday. LET'S GO HOKIES!'"

With her dream fulfilled, the happy mascot, who has clearly spent too many hours wearing a heavy costume in the hot sun, probably also emailed Legacy Records to ask if Jimi Hendrix could fly in to play the Star Spangled Banner at the game.

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