Stop The Presses!

October 18-24: “No, No, No,” Beyoncé Is Not Pregnant

Stop The Presses!

The minute any couple getsmarried, baby-watch starts. And when the husband and wife happen to becelebrities, the public's interest in any potential additions to the familyintensifies exponentially.

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Apparently, an unnamed sourcehas not been following Beyoncé and Jay-Z closely enough. Based on tips from this anonymousperson, Us Weekly reported that thehip-hop marital duo was with child. However, these claims have been dismissed.

Remember that Destiny's Childsong, "No, No, No"? Well, Tina Knowles, Beyoncé's mom, was singing its tune when she dismissed the rumors on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week.



During her sit-down with Ellen, Mama Knowles offered a lighthearted response. "I'm here to clear therumors up," she said, while appearing on Ellen to promote her fashion line. "The truth is that it's not Beyoncé that's pregnant. It's me," she joked, revealing that she is 56 years old.

She added that, likeBeyoncé's fans, she is just as anxious about her eldest daughter becoming amother. "No, no it's not true," she said. "Not right now. I'm looking forwardto it. With all the rumors, by now I should have about five or six grandchildren."

I guess we're all going tohave to continue being patient. Beyoncé and Jay-Z will get pregnant when thetiming is right.

The subject of children was ahot topic when rock legend Rod Stewart appeared on The Joy Behar Show Thursday. When asked about his eldest child,Stewart revealed the little-known-fact that he gave a baby girl up for adoptionwhen he was a teenager.

"The eldest [child] is in her 40s," he said. "While I'm the biological father, she was put up foradoption when I was 17 or 18, I think."

Stewart said that at thetime, he could not afford to care for a child. "I was absolutely stone-broke,"he explained.

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The singer, who released thisweek his covers album, Fly Me to The Moon...The Great American Songbook: VolumeV, said his daughter did not learn that he was herfather until about 15 years ago.

"She still had her mother and fatherwho looked after her, so I didn't want to get involved and upset [her adoptiveparents]," he said.

After her adoptive parents passedaway, Stewart began working to establish his own relationship with her. "We'vetried to come together and be close together and it's working out pretty well,"he said.

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Stewart, who has seven otherchildren, said it has taken some work to make up for the lost time. "I neverfelt like I was her dad because I didn't take her to school, didn't change hernappies -- there was no maternal thing there. But I'm trying. It's hard, tryingto make up for it."

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Who wants to kick off the baby-watch project for Katy Perry and Russell Brand? They wed thisweekend in India.And "Baby" singer Justin Bieber, frankly, is sick of all the childish games andtaunts from his detractors. The 16-year-old allegedly shoved a 12-year-old boy,who was said to be teasing him this week at a laser-tag facility. Kanye West,on the other hand, said this week that he is embracing his inner child. Duringscreenings of his 40-minute video for his song "Runaway," the controversialrap figure said that he had found his "creative sweet spot" by thinking like "a5-year-old at all times."

All of this baby talk has got mefeeling good, thinking about my own kids, parents, elementary school, and milkand cookies. So, this week, we'll leave you all on a good note. See you nextweek.


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