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‘Ping Me, Baby’–Battle Of The Smartphones In The Quest For Cool

Stop The Presses!

There's always been a bit of competition among smartphone users. With mobile technology advancing constantly, there's always a new feature available on one phone that may not be available on the next. For tech geeks like me, it turns into a playful competition between friends of who has the latest and greatest.

The Blackberry vs. Droid vs. iPhone is the battle of the moment. And with Droid as a relatively new runner in the race, the competition between Blackberry and the iPhone has only intensified. While each phone is known for very different features, there's still a strong loyalty for each brand resulting in debates over which one is better (I remain neutral. As an iPhone user I enjoy the sleek design, user interface, and multimedia capabilities. I'm also a Blackberry user and find the mail, calendar, and contact features to be indispensable).

Apple delivers the natural panache that comes alongside their telltale ads featuring bright colors, simple graphics and hip, cutting-edge music. The phone has a reputation as not only a part of one's functional lifestyle but also a keyframe in the style department.




The Blackberry, while boasting a sexy design and interface, has earned a reputation over the years primarily for it's reliability and innovation. 

This week, in an effort to up the cool factor over the iPhone, Blackberry reveals a new advertising campaign featuring the multifaceted hip-hop, dance, and R&B artist Riz. The move couldn't be more natural as the song is one of the first to overtly call out various models of the product.

To further fuse the bridge between technology and music, the song is not only a jingle but an official release from dance/pop label Ultra Records.

See the commercial, and watch the official music video below!


See the Blackberry commercial:


 Watch the Official Music Video for "PING!!! Me Baby:"


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