Stop The Presses!

Play Bret Michaels Off The Tony Awards, Keyboard Cat

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

All right, let me just preface this blog by saying that IF Bret Michaels had been seriously injured during his performance with Poison at last night's Tony Awards, the video below would NOT be funny.

But, since Bret is reportedly OK after last night's onstage incident...well, this is pretty dang hilarious:

Yes, in probably the most Spinal Tap-esque moment in Broadway history, Bret was nearly decapitated--or at least almost lost part of his golden blonde weave--when a descending set piece toppled him over at the end of his "Nothin' But A Good Time" performance with the Rock Of Ages cast.

But apparently his wig/cowboy hat combo was not just a totally awesome fashion statement. It seems it also served as some sort of helmet-like head armor. And so, Bret survived with only minor injuries aside from his bruised ego.

Thus, let the mockery begin in earnest...Keyboard Cat-style!

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