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Puppet Bieber Stars In a Holiday Video Only a Scrooge Could Resist

Lyndsey Parker
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Puppet Justin

Justin Bieber may have a very young fanbase, but his new holiday video for "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" is sure to appeal to Beliebers' nostalgic parents and grandparents as well. Not only is Justin's version of the perennial holiday favorite reminiscent of the iconic Jackson 5 recording, but his new "Animagic" video splices a stop-motion, Rankin/Bass-style puppet Bieber elf into classic feelgood footage from the "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" 1960s Christmas special. Oh, and there's also a penguin playing drums! The result? An utterly adorable video that only a total Scrooge or Grinch could resist.

Really, this is almost as cute as that original Rankin/Bass "Rudolph" scene when Rudolph and Clarice first fall in love. After watching this, the obvious question we must ask is...what can we do to expand this video to an hour-long TV special before December 25?

And while we're at it, speaking of Rudolph...for nostalgia's sake, check out Destiny's Child's classic stop-motion seasonal video below. DC may have split long ago, but they coexist in Christmas peace every holiday season, in claymation form, thanks to this darling clip. And we still feel the comfort and joy every time they snuggle up to that puppet Rudolph.

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