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Randy Jackson: Jennifer Lopez is ‘Rising Above’ Personal Drama

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Jennifer Lopez has returned to the set of "American Idol," where she is apparently, according to fellow judge Randy Jackson, not letting her divorce drama get in the way of her "work." Here's what Jackson had to say: "We've been doing auditions and she's rising above... She's strong, she's a trooper, she's a great girl. She's amazing."

It would appear J. Lo is releasing at least some of her stress through dancing. Seriously, Jenny From The Block let loose at Las Vegas' Pure Nightclub Saturday night (see pictures above). OK, we'll admit it, this post was really just an excuse to put up this picture.

But seriously folks, she's also moving on from her personal drama by investing in expensive real estate, apparently: Business Insider reports that J. Lo has purchased an $18 million home in the Hamptons. The sprawling estate is said to have "7 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms in a stunning three stories, accessible by the elevator." Seems to more than qualify as a bachelorette pad!

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