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Rapper Tim Dog Back From the Dead?

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By Jon Wiederhorn

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Back in February, a small portion of the hip-hop community mourned the death of controversial rapper Tim Dog (Timothy Blair), who was best known for his antagonistic 1991 anti-West Coast scene cut "F--k Compton," though he also worked with the Ultramagnetic MCs. Well, that song didn't get the East Coast rapper whacked; apparently he died from complications due to diabetes.

But recently, a judge in Desoto County, Miss. questioned the death reports and issued an arrest warrant for Tim Dog, whom he believes faked his death.

The District Attorney’s office pointed out that a death certificate was never filed, and sources that were once close to the rapper have no idea where he is buried. Furthermore, none of the obituaries for the rapper mentioned a burial site.

The District Attorney is convinced that Tim Dog faked his death to avoid paying back women who financed a comeback album he had no intention to record.

One of the women he allegedly scammed, local resident Esther Pilgrim, says Tim Dog owes her $19,000. She adds that when he was ordered to pay her the cash, Tim Dog conveniently passed away.

"As far as I’m concerned, he’s still alive," State prosecutor Steven Jubera told Memphis news station WREG. "I need proof. I need a death certificate."

Two years ago, Tim Dog pleaded guilty to grand larceny — stealing $32,000 from innocent victims — and was sentenced to five years' probation. The judge ordered the rapper to pay back Pilgrim $19,000 within the probation period. According to Pilgrim, payments stopped the minute hip-hop magazine The Source reported Tim Dog's death.

Pilgrim raised the red flag, and a friend of hers went on a pilgrimage to locate Tim Dog’s death certificate. But it was WREG who took the ball and set it into play, hiring a private investigator to further examine the death claim. The investigation came up empty, but apparently located an address, which has not been disclosed.

When he heard the news, Jubera filed a petition to revoke Tim Dog’s probation and on May 22 an arrest warrant was issued for the rapper.

"At the bare minimum he would get arrested and sit in jail until his court hearing," Jubera told WREG.

One of Tim Dog’s closest rap colleagues, Ced Gee, a member of the Ultramagnetic MCs, told WREG that he wouldn’t speak at the rapper’s funeral because the family failed to show him a death certificate and he believes the funeral never happened.

All Hip-Hop said that the funeral took place, but it was all a show. It wasn’t administered by the family and there was no body in the casket, MTV reported, adding that even Tim Dog’s family members believe he is still alive.

Jubera told WREG that he will drop the arrest warrant against Tim Dog if his family can present proof of his death, but that doesn’t seem likely to happen. Mexico’s sounding awfully nice about now.

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