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Rebecca Black’s Newest Music Video Yawns For Redemption

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Looks like Rebecca Black is digging for a couple more "moments." Somehow, despite getting the worst online thrashing in YouTube history, the "Friday" singer shot back with yet, another song, "My Moment." But with high hopes of another delightfully tacky video, Black opted for an overall snoozer. 

An introspective, but still slightly dancey tune, the now 14 year-old singer calls out all her haters and flaunts the opportunities that internet mass hatred has brought her: back-up dancers, limo rides and movie premieres. The voice is still not great, heavily supported by autotune, but she's refined her look and brims with confidence--and that's not what the internet wants. With her online fame based on "Friday" being deliciously ripe for parody, "My Moment" just might cut what few moments she had left short.

Black recovered a bit from her viral nightmare-coaster with her cameo as Kathy Beth Terry's best friend and makeover savior in Katy Perry's video for her chart-topping, "Last Friday Night." The role softened a few of the hundreds of millions of blows to Black, showing the singer doesn't take herself too seriously. With her fellow guest stars being Kenny G, Hanson and Corey Feldman, clearly she was there for humor's sake. And frankly, she looks cute in it, even Disney-worthy cute.

But the message must not have gotten through to her that legitimate stardom is most unlikely. The video is full of your generic "how do we force people to think this person looks beautiful, fun and famous" scenes--paparazzi, getting her makeup done--overused by the Kim/Paris/Heidi reality types. Rebecca Black is really scraping the bottom of the fame barrel, but I can't help but give her props for trying. At least "My Moment" gets her point across--a good place to put things to bed and move on to high school (where things aren't much better).

"My Moment" will be available to download for you ironists and remixers out there tomorrow, July 19th on iTunes. Her 5-song EP (yes there's more!) drops in August. What do you think about Rebecca Black's new video?

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