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Ricky Martin’s New Single — And A New Outlook On Life: Be Happy

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Ricky Martin is happy. Really, really happy. He's got proof: The pop sensation's first music video to come out since he came out, called "The Best Thing About Me Is You," is an upbeat pop tune with a message to match.

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The anthem to his new "be happy" philosophy starts out looking like an "Amnesty International promo clip," as the blog Hit Fix points out, with an ominous black and white look with the words "love, quality, justice, innocence" flashing by.

Ricky Martin appears with a cloth covering his mouth that reads: "you=me." He then removes it and lets rip a "relentlessly earnest and upbeat song" populated with gorgeous people promoting diverse lifestyles, races, and religions. Preachy? Heck, yes.

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But dang it, it's catchy. The video has already gone viral: YouTube has clocked over 1.4 million views of the clip in the few days since it launched. Billboard noted the video's ascent on its "Viral Video Vault." And the song is number one on Unruly Media's Viral Video Chart.

In the video, the Puerto Rican pop icon appears shirtless with an equal sign painted on his chest. He seems to be merging a message of equality with his message of happiness with himself. As he sings, "I'm as happy as I can be…Coz I'm allergic to tragedy ... My crying days are history. I had a change of philosophy ... I won't take myself all that seriously."

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Last November, the singer came out on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," telling the talk-show host he "couldn't take it anymore." The 39-year-old now has twin boys, Matteo and Valentino, thanks to a surrogate. Martin says he would also consider adoption. His focus no longer seems to be "La Vida Loca," but instead living La Vida Very Calm.

The album, "Music+Soul+Sex", will be available February 1 in English and in Spanish. Joss Stone sings back-up vocals.

You can watch the video of the single here.


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