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Rolling Stone Erased from Photographic History

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Nobody seemed to notice five years ago when the Rolling Stones released their 2005 "Rarities" compilation, but this week, sharp-eyed Internet message board users pointed out that the album's cover photo is missing an important element of the original photograph: former bassist Bill Wyman.

Looking at the album cover side by side with the original picture, it's obvious that Wyman's image has been digitally removed, and somewhat sloppily at that. You can still see his bass cable hanging between Mick Jagger's microphone stand and guitar.

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The "Rarities" compilation features lesser-known works by the band recorded between 1971 and 2003, and the photo comes from the video for 1978's "Respectable," when Wyman was still very much a part of the band.

It's not the first time Bill Wyman has had issues surrounding his existence. In 2002, a lawyer representing the bassist issued a cease-and-desist to a rock journalist named Bill Wyman, claiming it was confusing for a music writer to have the same name as a famous musician. This, of course, leaves aside the fact that Wyman the writer was actually born with his name, while Wyman the musician had his name legally changed from William George Perks in 1963.

Wyman was the bassist for the Rolling Stones for three decades, joining in 1962 and leaving in 1993. Wyman then went on to form a new band, the Rhythm Kings, with whom he performs to this day. Wyman is also active on Twitter, though, at press time, he had not commented on the album cover's omission.

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