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Ruth Gerson Tackles Domestic Violence In Folksy, Frank Charity Album

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Folk singer-songwriter Ruth Gerson isn't afraid to "go there." Her angst-ridden latest release, Deceived, takes on her own dark past of abuse to bring awareness to domestic violence, giving voice to the victims who don't always speak up. In fact, the entire proceeds from her album and concert ticket sales are going to national and local charities, including Sanctuary For Families, Shalom Bayit, the Elizabeth House, the AVON Foundation, and the Family Violence Prevention Fund,

Judging from her credentials as a singing teacher--she has taught singing and songwriting as a Forbes College Fellow at Princeton University, and at he Blue Bear School of Music--Ruth undoubtedly has the ability to record hit songs with broad appeal. But instead she focuses on more somber folk style--"murder ballads" is how she describes her compositions--that suits the seriousness of her subject matter. Her new album also includes songs written by country crooners Bobbie Gentry and Dolly Parton.


Now, while Deceived may not be the easiest listening--many of its tracks are about men killing or harming women--the sentiment behind it is noble. Gerson isn't just venting her own history of abuse, but actively helping others with her work.

Gerson urges fans to make a donation directly to non-profit organizations; these fans will receive a copy of her new album in return. More information can be found at her website, Deceived drops this week.

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