Stop The Presses!

Seal With A Kiss: The Luckiest Man In The World Gloats In New Video With Heidi Klum

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

OK, Seal, we get it. Your wife is hotter than all other rock star/supermodel wives. You're the luckiest guy on the planet. You and Heidi Klum are the happiest celebrity couple ever, can't keep your well-manicured mitts off each other, and have probably engaged in roof-raising, chandelier-dangling marital relations in the time it's taken us to write this paragraph. Good for you. Now stop rubbing it in our faces, already!

In all seriousness, we're referring to Seal's buzzy new music video, "Secret" (possibly an homage to his wife's former Victoria's Secret gig?), in which he and his missus invite viewers into their beautifully appointed boudoir for a gauze-lensed, behind-the-scenes peek at just how much it doesn't suck to be Seal.

In the sexy, steamy, slightly softcore black-and-white clip (for a song off Seal's new album Seal 6: Commitment, which is entirely dedicated to his perfect wife and kids), the gorgeously lit, completely nekkid power couple (who, incidentally, renew their wedding vows every year) grope each other and stare adoringly into each other's dilated eyes...while voyeuristic video viewers inevitably feel inadequate about their own love lives and/or not-quite-as-flawless nude bodies. A few artistic close-ups of Heidi's doorknocker-sized diamond ring, as her left hand caress Seal's bare flesh in slow-mo, adds to the overall effect.

"It's the story of two people in love," is how Heidi describes the "Secret" video to Us Weekly. "My husband is what I always wanted and never thought I would have."

Now excuse us while we goes weep bitterly into the nearest pint of Häagen-Dazs...

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