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Search For Me Baby, One More Time

Stop The Presses!

I'm sure that Britney Spears would agree that, philosophically speaking, when one door closes, another opens--and I don't just mean driver-side car doors, either. There is a certain symmetry to finding out that, on the high heels of her successful (as in no one got hurt) appearance on MTV's Video Music Awards show a little over a week ago, the release of Spears' new CD has just been bumped up to an "Xmas stocking stuffer purchase opp" date of December 2--which just happens to be Brit's birthday.

Now it probably should be noted that the new CD, entitled Circus, reportedly is not completely finished yet. And with the kind of track record Britney's had over the last few years, her label Jive Records must be pretty darned sure it'll be ready; either that or they've got a great insurance policy. In any event, Spears does seem to be in good, capable creative hands--or at the very least a good, capable small army of them. Working on the project are everyone from the Outsyders (who produced the first single "Womanizer," coming 9/22 to a ringtone near you), Keri Hilson, Sean Garrett, Rodney Jenkins, Guy Sigsworth, Dr. Luke, and Lil' Jon, and Nate "Danjahandz" Hills, to such past Brit content providers as Bloodshy & Avant ("Toxic," "Piece Of Me") and Max Martin ("Oops," "Baby One More Time"). One way or another, one presumes, that sucker will be out the door on time.

Of course, when it comes to Britney Spears, it is all about the buzz, isn't it? And proof of that comes with another (non-paparazzi-lensed) Britney flash--this time from none other than the Guinness Records people, who've just announced they're naming Spears "The Most Searched Person On The Internet" in the new 2009 Guinness Book Of World Records. Having not seen the book (it's out on 9/17),  I can't tell you how they might quantify that assertion (and are there subdivisions for categories like, say, "holding clippers," or "driving over feet"?). Suffice it to say, however, that the proclamation comes with the telling additional info that Britney, who previously "won" the title in 2007, has reclaimed it from last year's champ: none other the uniquely and immensely Internet-searchable Paris Hilton.

Amy Winehouse, call your publicist.

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