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See Baby Bieber Bang The Drums In ‘Never Say Never’ Preview

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Justin Bieber gets a bad rap for supposedly being just some tween-pop pretty boy, but recently unearthed archival footage of him playing the drums and guitar as a wee little lad--long before he grew out his bangs and became an international superstar--indicates that there is more to Bieber than meets the (starry teenage girl's) eye.

The clip is from Justin's forthcoming theatrical rockumentary, Never Say Never, and it includes, for all intents and purposes, his first caught-on-camera "concerts." Apparently Justin was a little drummer boy practically from the moment he could pick up sticks (as his mother explains in the clip's voiceover), and as the movie plays on, we see him evolve from living-room bongo-basher to underage band member to Madison Square Garden headliner--drumsticks always firmly in hand.

Check out the Bieb's drumming skills below!


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