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September 12-18: Ozzy Osbourne Song Praised For Good Deed

Stop The Presses!

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not unusual for the music of Ozzy Osbourne, former lead singer of the
seminal rock group Black Sabbath, to shock its audience. Osbourne is
for biting bats on stage and releasing albums with the titles "Sabbath
Bloody Sabbath"
and "No Rest For The Wicked." But he was considered a hero this past
week when his
song "No More Tears" was used to help find an 8-year-old boy with autism
had wandered into the woods in California's San Bernardino National

Ron Robb, the father of the boy, suggested authorities
play the music of Osbourne and country icon Alan Jackson, two of his son's
favorite musicians, during the search and rescue efforts. And it worked.

Joshua Robb was comforted when he heard Osbourne's "No
More Tears." "He walked toward them and said, 'Thank you. You saved me,'" Lt.
Rick Els of the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department told NBC. The child was
airlifted to safety.

Osbourne's wife, Sharon, said her husband would likely be
moved by the news of his music's impact on rescuing the child. "He'll probably
start crying because of the picture of that little boy with his school jacket,"
Sharon told the press.

But this would not be the first time Osbourne's music had
a surprisingly positive impact. Osbourne is a supporter of Nordoff Robbins, an
international charity that uses music therapy to help people battling a range
of conditions including, autism, dementia, mental health problems, and learning difficulties.

Photographer John Marshall captured Osbourne with one of
the organization's young clients. "It's such a privilege to photograph some of
the therapy sessions," Marshall said. "Ozzy Osbourne holding little India when
he visited the centre with Sharon was a wonderful image his mum will treasure." (Photo credit: John Marshall)

In 2003, Osbourne teamed with the Make-A-Wish organization to help a heart surgery patient cope with the onslaught of
depression he faced after the procedures. The Make-A-Wish alum named Brian
met Osbourne in his dressing room at an Ozzfest concert.

"Words can't express how it feels to come face to face
with such a legendary figure in your life," Brian said in a post on the Make-A-Wish
. "My wish was a huge part of my recovery process and battle with
depression after my third heart surgery."

Arguably, the most surprising Osbourne moment of
influence is a citation last year in The NYC Business Networking Group
newsletter. In the article, "How Ozzy Osbourne Can Help You Grow Your
Business," Robert Basso suggested Osbourne's song "Crazy Train" offered a
valuable lesson for business owners.

Basso quoted the following lyrics from "Crazy Train": "I've
listened to preachers, I've listened to fools, I've watched all the dropouts
who make their own rules. One person conditioned to rule and control. The media
sells it and you live the role."

"He was the greatest expression of himself that he knew
how to be," Basso wrote. "I would say that you need to be the best expression
of you that you can be. Entrepreneurs and successful business owners always
seem to get in their own way and put road blocks in place that are unnecessary
and counterproductive to growing a winning enterprise."

How about that? One of rock music's most controversial
artists tops the news with the most positive story of the week. Good, job Ozzy. The
week boats several other interesting music stories. Kelis made headlines after complaining
of being called a "slave" when passing through the passport control in a London
airport. Journey guitarist Neal Schon was in the news, tied to a "Real Housewives
Of DC"-star who temporarily went missing. The daughter of Whitney Houston and
Bobby Brown made her YouTube singing debut. And the foundation for the late
singer Amy Winehouse was launched on a very special day.

Check out the links below for more information on this
week's stories.  See you next week.


1) No More Tears -- Ozzy
Osbourne's music helps rescuers find autistic boy.

2) Passport Renewal -- Kelis says she
was racially abused at London airport.

3) Amazing Journey -- "Real Housewife
of DC"-star runs off with Journey's Neal Schon.

4) Birthday Present -- Amy Winehouse
Foundation launches on late singer's birthday.

5) Greatest Love Of All -- Whitney
Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter covers Adele.  

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