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September 19-25: Adele Friends Again With Heartbreaker Ex Who Inspired Album

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I'm beginning to feel like Adele is happy things went
awry with her ex-boyfriend who inspired the angst-fueled songs of her new album,
"21." It recently reached worldwide sales of 10 million copies. Apparently, the
British singer has gotten over their issues that prompted chart-topping songs
like "Rolling In The Deep" and "Someone Like You."

When Adele played the Hammersmith Apollo in London
earlier this week she announced to concertgoers that she and her ex have put
their differences aside and are becoming friends again.

Before performing her song "One And Only" she explained
her logic for not holding a grudge. "Back to me and my ex being friends, I
think enough time has gone past now. Also, I was a b---h to him as well. I give
as good as I get," she said. "Also with what's going on with this album, it's
important that I share it with someone. Not sharing any of the great stuff
with him. He doesn't get to come to shows or any stuff like that. But I talk to
him about it because it's quite marvelous what's going on."

Adele also said that she still cared for him, describing him
as "someone that I still love."

It's conceivable that Adele, 23, and her ex, who is 10
years older, could get past their differences. It's been two years since their
breakup. But less than six months ago, the nameless heartbreaker was insisting
that Adele owed him a piece of her fortune for inspiring her music.

Adele is clearly more forgiving than most.

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Still, Adele becoming friends again with her ex wasn't
the most shocking breakup news this week. That honor belongs to R.E.M., which
announced that members Michael Stipe, Peter Buck, and Mike Mills would be
going their separate ways after working together for three decades. In a
statement posted on the band's website, the group stressed that the decision was
amicable and not prompted by a feud. On the other hand, former "American Idol"
judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul were hoping their sometimes combative
critiquing styles would help attract viewers to their new show, "X Factor." But
the ratings for the "X Factor"'s first night were half of "Idol"'s typical viewership.
Music icon Tony Bennett, however, exceeded his expectations. His song "Body
& Soul" featuring the late Amy Winehouse single entered the Hot 100 chart,
making Bennett the oldest recording artist to ever enter the ranking. The week
did, unfortunately, end on a bad note. Celebrated R&B singer Vesta was
found dead in her hotel room Thursday.

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on the links below. And be sure to check back next week for more music news.


1) The E.N.D. -- R.E.M. disband after 31 years.

2) Better The First Time -- Simon and Paula's new talent
show draws low ratings.

3) The Voice -- R&B singer Vesta Williams dies at 53.

4) X Factor -- Adele resumes friendship with former

5) Tony Award -- Tony Bennett becomes oldest
artist to enter Hot 100 chart.

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