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September 20-26: The Unstoppable Bret Michaels Faces Heart Surgery

Stop The Presses!

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Bret Michael's agent needs toget his client a starring role in one of the upcoming Superman movies. The 47-year-old rock 'n reality star is older thanthe typical big screen action hero, but his unbelievable triumphs can not bedenied.

In January, Michaels will beundergoing surgery to treat a hole in his heart, a defect he has had all hislife, the Rock Of Love star'spublicist told E!

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Michaels and his camp don'tseem too concerned about the surgery and recovery. He is already scheduled tolaunch a tour to promote his biography, RosesAnd Thorns: The Reality Of The Rock & Roll Fantasy.

According to Michaels'publicist, the road show starts on March 15, his birthday, two months after thetreatment.

"After the holidays, he'll dothis (surgery) and then have time to heal before the whole book publicitycampaign," his media rep said.

Maybe there's no need to worryabout Michaels. In May, he only needed three days of recovery after suffering awarning stroke before appearing on the CelebrityApprentice finale that he ultimately won. A month prior he underwent anemergency appendectomy.

There's no stopping Bret Michaels.Katy Perry, on the other hand, met a roadblock this week when parentscomplained that the dress the pop singer wore for her Sesame Street taping was too revealing.

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It didn't matter that Perryre-wrote the lyrics to her song "Hot N Cold" to make them kid-friendly; hercritics could not get past her costume when her duet with Elmo appeared online.As a result, Sesame Street producers decided to nixPerry's appearance on the show.

Perry, who is engaged tocomedian Russell Brand, made light of the incident in a Twitter post. "Wow,looks like my play date with Elmo has been cut short!" she said.

Brand also chimed in from hisTwitter account: "Today's Sesame Street will NOT be brought to you by thenumber 34 or the letter D."

Adam Lambert, however, gotupset when an E! Daily 10 host madehim the subject of a homophobic comment. When reporting on Lambert's recent paparazziscuffle, E! personality Michael Catherwood joked that Lambert could be facingjail time, and suggested that the openly gay Lambert might actually like it.

Lambert complained viaTwitter, calling Catherwood a "d bag" and referred to his actions as ignorant.Lambert's response prompted an apology from Catherwood and a GLAAD complaint toE!.

But Lambert wasn't the only American Idol in the news. The entireSeason 10 team held a press conference to confirm the new judges, JenniferLopez and Steven Tyler; mentor, Interscope Geffen A&M head Jimmy Iovine;and to explain why the upcoming season will be better.

Well, we can honestly say thatwe will all of this week's music makers the best. Hopefully, we'll be able tosay the same next week. See you then.


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