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September 21-27: Susan Boyle Sings For Pope

Stop The Presses!


Since debuting on Britain'sGot Talent in April 2009, Susan Boyle's life has been one dream come trueafter another. She took second place in the national talent competition,released her first album, I Dreamed ADream, which sold 9 million copies worldwide, and recorded a song with ElainePaige, the woman who inspired her to sing.

But this week, Boyle lived out the dream she least likelyexpected to come true. On Thursday, she sang for Pope Benedict XVI during histour of Britain.

Boyle sang "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables, the song she performed during her BGT audition, and also sang two hymns,"How Great Thou Art," and "Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace" at Bellahouston Parkin Glasgow before a crowd of 65,000.



Boyle said singing for the pope had special meaning for her."It will be very poignant because my mother won't be with us," she told the BBC theday before her appearance. "She died four years ago, but she will be here inspirit."

Boyle's mother attended Pope John Paul II's Behllahouston Park stop in 1982.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, Boyle rated the opportunity an 11."It's very humbling experience," she said. "Very indescribable, beyond myimagination."

According to NewsTime, Boyle fainted Wednesday when shelearned that she might actually meet the pope.


The anticipation of a reunion between Kanye West and TaylorSwift at Sunday's Video Music Awards clearly had an impact on the show, whichachieved its best ratings since 2002. Leading up to the show, Kanye used Twitterto profusely apologize to Taylorfor stealing her best female video win moment last year to say his friendBeyoncé had been slighted.

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Despite the ratings, the hype was unmet as Swift sang thesurprisingly somber "Innocent," which conveyed forgiveness to West, and West sangthe obnoxious "Runaway," which advised unfortunate individuals in relationshipswith egomaniacs like himself to sever their ties -- but not before partaking in aridiculous toast in their honor.

Still, a source told US Weekly that West and Swift called a secret truce backstage.

In other music news, Kid Rock and his Waffle House nemesisfinally received closure to their 2007 brawl. An Atlanta jury awarded Harlen Akins $40,000.British courts were no easier on George Michael, who was cited last month fordriving under the influence of drugs. A judge has ordered him to serve eightweeks in jail. Lastly, relentless actor Sacha Baron Cohen has been tapped toportray Queen frontman Freddie Mercury in a film about the rock star.

We are already on the lookout for next week's big musicstories, so be sure to check back.


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