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September 27-October 3: Beyoncé Line Dance Video Streamed 1 Million Times

Stop The Presses!

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This week, Beyoncé sparked yet another dance craze with aline number called "The Wobble." A viral video of the "Single Ladies" singer partyingin the middle of the street with a group of women and girls has been streamedone million times since it hit the Web Monday.

According to ABC News, the impromptu jam session occurredduring a block party in New Jersey,where Beyoncé was visiting her mother-in-law.

More than a dozen ladies giggled in awe while dancingalongside the seemingly unassuming superstar, who was dressed down in a T-shirt, black jeans and heels.



More fans are eager to join the frenzy. "I (wanna) learn howto do that dance Wobble," Twitter user J Leslie (LOVED_notspoil) wrote on herpage.
Ironically, the song, which has a big band, ragtime feel, is not new. Atlanta rapper V.I.C. released the track inJuly 2008, and a video that featured the dance soon followed. The 23-year-oldrapper was happily surprised when he saw the video of Beyoncé dancing to hissong on World Star Hip Hop.

"I was so amazed," he told Yahoo! Music. "That's like Jay-Zsaying one of your lines. You want that. She's an icon."

Beyoncé's performance of the dance is flawless. "First ofall, as far as dance, she's always been great," V.I.C. says. "She could have donethe dance and fell--and still got a 10."

V.I.C., who is currently in Hawaii for a concert date, hopesto meet her, so he can tell her how much he appreciates her reaction tohis music.

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The number of YouTube plays for V.I.C.'s original "Wobble" video has increased by at least100,000 since the Beyoncé clip dropped earlier this week, according to V.I.C. In the original piece, the female dancersshake it in shimmy dresses, and there's a dedication credit to Cab Calloway.

"The man was great," V.I.C. says of the late legendarysinger. "I wanted folks to understand that I know music ... and that I am a realartist. It was to pay homage."

The timing is perfect for the rapper formerly signed toWarner Bros. and had a top 40 hit collaboration with Soulja Boy, "Get Silly." HisTwitter page has been flooded with posts about his new independent single.

Beyoncé's spontaneous footwork wasn't the only surprise thisweek. When Justin Timberlake appeared on LateNight With Jimmy Fallon Thursday, he and the host performed an impressivemedley of hip-hop classics, including songs by the Sugar Hill Gang, Snoop Dogg,and Missy Elliot. On Tuesday, Brad Paisley, Merle Haggard, and Martina McBride,among other country icons, joined for the reopening of the Grand Ole Opry. Plus, the listof nominees for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame was released.

How about that: a drama-free week in music? Something mustbe wrong. But music personalities aren't out of the doghouse just yet. Maybe next week they will stir up some trouble to redeem their bad boy and bad girl reps.Stay tuned.


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