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Shakira Meets With President Obama And Vice President Biden

Stop The Presses!

The anticipation for Shakira's buzzy new music videofor "Gypsy," set to premiere Friday and features steamy scenes with SpanishOlympic gold winning tennis star Raphael Nadal, has been trumped by other newson the Columbian born artist.

Shakira's White House meeting Monday with President Obamaand Vice President Biden is getting all the attention.

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The international superstar met with the high rankingofficials to discuss early childhood development and universal education.

In 2006, Shakira founded Latin America In Solidarity Action(ALAS) to use early childhood development to fight poverty in Latin Americaand the Caribbean.

Shakira was honored to meet with the President about her initiative. "It was such a privilege to sit down with the president in the OvalOffice to discuss our shared commitment to education and early childhooddevelopment," she said in a statement.

"We agreed that investing in our children is the smarteststrategy governments can use to boost economic growth, fight poverty, andpromote global security and peace. We will be working closely with thePresident and his staff to implement his vision-for Latinos, children in the United States,and around the world."

Shakira added that she informed the President of ALAS'accomplishments this year with the heads of Latin American government. Earlychildhood development will be a central topic during the next Ibero-AmericanSummit taking place later this year in Argentina.

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Shakira and President Obama met in January 2009 when sheperformed at his inaugural ceremonies.

During meetings with other staff, Shakira asked if asolution had been reached to legalize the more than 10 million undocumentedimmigrants who live in the U.S.

Shakira and various White House advisors on nationalsecurity, education, and social innovation agreed to meet again next week to plansubsequent steps in implementing early childhood development programs in theU.S.'s Hispanic community.

According to the ALAS website, Early Childhood Development (ECD)programs aim to help children 6 and under reach their potential by providingnecessary stimulating environments, nutrition, and healthcare.

Nine million children under 5 in ECD's coverage region areplagued by chronic malnutrition. Twenty-two million do not have access to earlybasic care.

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