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Sheik Yerbouti, Jacko!

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Finding out that Michael Jackson was getting sued yet again, my first guess was that it must be son Prince Michael Jackson II, who's finally old enough to be able to sue his dear old dad for possibly trying to kill him by dangling him over a ledge outside a hotel room window back in 2002. But no, it turns out that this latest in the continuing series of WJLs (text talk for "Wacko Jacko Lawsuits") comes courtesy of some bona fide world royalty, in the personage of one Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa--whose own dad, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, just happens to be the King of Bahrain.

Seems Sheikh Abdulla was the source of several millions of dollars that were used to pay MJ's legal fees during his 2005 child molestation trial, after which, at the invitation of the Sheikh, the King of Pop went to live in a palace in Abu Dahbi owned by the Sheikh's father, the Arabian King. Next thing you know, a jointly founded Bahrain-based record company was set up (at the Sheikh's expense) and recording studios were being built (at the Sheikh's expense) to help Jackson revive his flagging career. MJ was supposedly recording new material, which (and this where the story get nice and juicy) included a song called "I Have This Dream," written by--guess who?--none other than Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa himself! How 'bout that?

The song, intended to be released as a charity single to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina, never quite got finished (are you getting the feeling like I am that maybe the Sheikh was producing, too?). At some point Jackson backed out of the entire label doings and by 2006 had backed out of the palace-living arrangements as well. 

Now in fall 2008, the Prince, who claims he also had given Jackson advance money on an unworked on autobiography (are you getting the feeling that maybe the Sheikh was going to publish it, too?), is suing the singer in London's Royal Courts Of Justice for some $7 million. Jackson, for his part, doesn't deny that the Sheikh spent all this money on him, but claims it was all just a "gift," right down to a $350,000 European vacation the Sheikh sprung for that included the cost of bringing along Jacko's hairdresser--you know, just so the Man In The Mirror could look good looking at himself, even though the famed recluse doesn't particularly like other people looking at him.

You think the guy would have at least been smart enough to have Jackson sign over the deed to his recently lost Neverland; just as, you know, collateral. The only collateral this Jackson-touched Prince has now is damage.

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