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Sir Mix-A-Lot Likes ‘Big Butterfingers,’ ‘Baby Got Back’ Lives On

Stop The Presses!

It will be hard to find ahip-hop song with more long-standing impact than Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1992 GrammyAward-winning hit "Baby Got Back," which remained #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart for five weeks.


Over the years, the song fromMix-A-Lot's third album, Mack Daddy, hasproven its significance in commercials for Target and Burger King, on the big-and small-screen comedies Charlie'sAngels, Friends and Saturday Night Live; and in various viralvideo clips.

Mix-A-Lot was recently hiredto make a new version of the song for a commercial for Nestle's Butterfinger candybar. In keeping with the "Nobody's Gonna Lay A Finger On My Butterfinger"tradition, the company assembled some of television's favorite crime fightersto form the comical Butterfinger Defense League to safeguard the candy.


The league is comprised ofErik Estrada from '70s cop show CHiPs;Lou Ferrigno, who starred in the superhero TV series The Incredible Hulk; and Charisma Carpenter, the lead cheerleader fromBuffy The Vampire Slayer. SirMix-A-Lot's latest rendition, "I Like Big Butterfingers," released Tuesday, dedicatesa verse to each of the league members in a piece modeled after the music videofor the original song.

Below, I've recapped some ofthe best "Baby Got Back" features.

"Baby Got Back...Packs" (Target)
Target amped up its back toschool shopping advertisements in the summer of 2005 with a special versionof Mix-A-Lot's song, redubbed "Baby Got Back...Pack." The commercial effectivelymade its point with the opening lyrics, "We like backpacks and we can not lie,with the cell phone pockets on the side."


"SpongeBob Got Back" (Burger King) - WARNING: PG content
Mix sparked controversy over the2009 spot he made to help Burger King promote a discounted BK Kids Meal that includeda SpongeBob SquarePants toy. In the commercial, the Burger King characterdances while women shake their square-shaped backsides to lyrics proclaiming tolike "square butts." Activistscomplained about the video, which was made in partnership with Nickelodeon.Burger King and Nickelodeon maintained that the ad was targeted to adults, notchildren. (The 99-cent Kids Meal was only available after purchasing an adultmeal.)


Charlie's Angels Got Back
The inclusion of "Baby GotBack" in the Charlies Angels film hasto be among the best features for the song. Mix earned a licensing fee to haveCameron Diaz dance around to the song in her underwear, making Diaz arguablythe most famous video girl ever.

Sir Mix-A-Lot Photo Shop I (SNL)
Back in 1992, "Baby Got Back"opened with women criticizing those larger than a size 3. However, by 2009,that closed-minded view was no longer popular. SNL came up with a way to appease women who wished they could fillout their jeans like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce. They developeda fictional product-Sir Mix-A-Lot Photo Shop. Impersonating Mix, SNL regular Keenan Thomas advertised a softwareproduct that would enhance photos with ample backside padding.


Baby Got Snacks (In Living Color)
The short-lived '90s sketch-comedyshow In Living Color was known forits parodies of pop songs, and its take on "Baby Got Back" was is e of itsbest. Long before Jamie Foxx captivated audiences with his Oscar Award-winningstarring role in Ray, he took on thepersona of Trail Mix-A-Lot and performed the song "Baby's Got Snacks." The FatBooty Records release was the year's big-girl anthem.


Friends Got Back
It's no secret that evenbabies love "Baby Got Back." In one of the funnier Friends episodes both Ross and Rachel realize that their daughterEmma is a fan of the song and smiles when they sing it to her. But Emma'samusement is quickly outshined by rest of the Friends cast who walk in unannounced and catch Rachael in themiddle of her hip-hop showdown.


Brubaker's Wedding Shuffle
John and Michelle Brubakerjust might be the first couple to ever pick a Sir Mix-A-Lot song for theirfirst dance at their wedding. Their guests didn't seem surprised when the DJannounced their first dance and they began to dance to "Unchained Melody." Butthe record soon scratched and was replaced by "Baby Got Back" and they burstinto a choreographed hip-hop routine. The video, which has been streamed from12 million times, drew interest from television shows like Ellen and the Today Show,both of wh that invited the couple on to perform live.

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