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So Thom Thinks He Can Dance: Watch Radiohead’s New Video, “Lotus Flower”

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

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Out-of-nowhere news last Sunday that Radiohead would be releasing their eighth album The King Of Limbs on February 19--well, that was exciting enough. But now Christmas is coming even earlier for Radiohead fans, as it turns out Thom Yorke and company are digitally delivering the album--their first since 2007's In Rainbows--TODAY (February 18). So if you pre-ordered it TKOL at, go check your inbox right about now for a nice surprise.

And even more thrillingly, Radiohead's moved-up release date is accompanied by a new video from the album, "Lotus Flower." The clip is little more than Thom Yorke going bonkers in black-and-white, thrashing about a barren warehouse in what appears to be a totally improvised, totally unhinged modern dance. It's an incredbily simple concept...and it's incredibly awesome, better than most big-budget videos out there.

Who knew Thom had such awesome moves? He truly is the king of (flailing) limbs.

What do you think of Radiohead's new song? Does it make you want to dance like a crazy person, too?

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