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Steven Tyler Discusses Injury, Remaining 19 Tour Dates Canceled

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Aerosmith canceled its remaining tour dates,a spokesperson for the group announced in a statement Thursday. The last stopsincluded major cities New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit.

Doctors for Aerosmith lead singer StevenTyler, 61, advised him to take time off to recover from injuries he sustainedlast week.

On August 5, Tyler fell off the stage in Sturgis, SDduring the performance of the band's "Love in an Elevator." Steven broke his leftshoulder and received 20 stitches in his head. He was airlifted to a localhospital and later taken to Bostonto see his personal physicians.

Steven released a separate statement Thursdaythanking everyone who has been a part of his recovery. He said the show wasplagued by thunderstorms that delayed the show time, blown fuses and failedaudio systems.

But these hindrances did not deter himfrom taking the stage. "I wasn't gonna go hide under the big top and play 'RockStar' and wait for everything to be fixed," Tyler said, according to AP."I wanted to go out to the crowd to continue the show."

"I just want to say that I'm plaingrateful that I didn't break my neck," he said. "In truth, after thousands oflive shows, falling off the edge four times ain't too bad."

Guitarist Brad Whitford sent Steven wellwishes. "Our thoughts and prayer go out to Steven for a speedy recovery andreturn to good health," he said in a statement.

Brad added that the group isoverwhelmed by the culmination of events. "All of us here in the Aerosmithorganization and all of the people who contribute to making our shows possibleare in a state of shock," he said. "We never anticipated this tour coming tosuch a swift and unfortunate ending."

The band expressed gratitude to theirfans for the "incredible ongoing support and understanding."

"Words can't express the sadness I feelfor having to cancel this tour," guitarist Joe Perry said in the statement. "Wehope we can get the Aerosmith machine up and running again as soon as possible.I sure am going to miss playing with ZZ Top just as I'm sure the fans are goingto miss seeing them playing with us as well."

Joe also acknowledged the support oftheir crew. "My hat's off to our crew for putting up with this crazy stop-and-starttour," he said. "In my estimation, it was one of the best-looking and best-runtours we've ever had. Us road dawgs will meet again. May your wheels keepturning and your load-ins stay smooth."

Prior to the tour cancellation, themysterious status of Steven's recuperation contributed to speculation regardingthe future of the tour.

On Tuesday, Joe told a Detroit radio station that the band was waitingto receive an update on Steven's health. "I don't know what they (thedoctors) are going to say," Joe told WCSX during a live interview. "Theoriginal diagnosis that we heard was that his shoulder blade was broken intwo."

Joe added that Steven looked badly hurtthe night of the incident. "When I saw him walk by he was bleeding prettybad, but apparently he didn't do anything internally that they could find, noconcussion," he explained. "He hit his head pretty bad. His back. [Itwas] basically [like] a bad bar fight and someone had a baseball bat."

Joe told another radio station thatSteven would be "sore for a while," reported "I've seen him fall off a stagemore than once," he told Chicago's 97.9 TheLoop. "I've fallen off...stuffhappens."

Joe has kept busy while sitting out thetour dates. Sunday he joined Jane's Addiction's closing Lollapalooza set in Chicago. Jane's Additionlead singer Perry Farrell acknowledged Steven in his introduction, saying,"Our prayers go out to Steven Tyler."

Immediately following Steven's accident,five dates in Canadawere postponed.

Point of purchaseswill provide refunds for tickets for the remainder of the tour dates.


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