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Susan Boyle Eclipsed By 12-Year-Old Talent

Stop The Presses!

Britain's Got Talenthopeful Susan Boyle became an overnight sensation last week with her movingperformance of "I Dream A Dream" from the Broadway musical Les Miserables. Her back story of being a 48-year-old plain Janewho had never been kissed and lives with her cat helped her rack up tens ofmillions of YouTube video plays in days.

But 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi from Mount Pleasant, Swanseaappears to have the goods to eclipse Boyle.

Jafargholi's performance Saturday night on the competitionshow has given the Internet yet another new buzz.

Initially, Jafargholi's fate did not look so promising whenhe began singing Amy Winehouse's "Valerie." Though his pure vocals wereevident, judge Simon Cowell stopped him just seconds into the song to tell himthat he was headed in the wrong direction and asked him what else he sang.

Instead of being crushed, the savvy preteen immediately respondedwith The Jackson 5's "Who's Loving You?" (Click image below to see him perform.)

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From the first note of the track, Jafargholi won overCowell, the other judges and audience.

Susan Boyle is incredible, but personality plays a big parton these shows. It is going to be tough for a humble, middle aged woman who ishesitant to get a makeover to pose stiff competition for a cute kid who is quickon his feet and able to tackle a Michael Jackson song.

While Jafargholi's skill is undeniable the Jackson song was not spontaneous or much of arisk for him. Last year, he toured the UKfor six weeks performing Jackson music for anelaborate pop concert-style show Wales reports.

Additionally, he already has an impressive resume thatincludes attending The Mark Jermin Stage School in Swansea since the age of five, appearing inthe BBC's Torchwood And Casualty and an ad for Comic Relief.

And if that is not enough competition for Susan Boyle, Jafargholialso offers humility to match.

When asked how he felt when Cowell interrupted hisperformance and asked him to sing a different song, Jafargholi said he wasgrateful. "I couldn't believe Simon Cowell had given me a second chance,"Jarargholi told Wales."He's basically God in the music industry."

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