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Susan Boyle Hype Revitalizes 10-Year-Old Cover

Stop The Presses!

The song title "Cry Me A River" brings Justin Timberlake tomind for Generation Y. But that is likely to change thanks to Susan Boyle, theScottish singing sensation whose Britain'sGot Talent appearance wooed millions of broadcast and online viewers.

Boyle's moving rendition of "Cry Me A River" was uploaded toYouTube Thursday night, sparking further interest and frenzy over the extremelytalented singer.

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Boyle's "Cry Me A River" is a remake of the blues standard,not Timberlake's pop ballad. Boyle's track went virtually unnoticed when it wasindependently released 10 years ago on a charity CD reported Times Online. The Whitburn CommunityCouncil in West Lothian only pressed 1,000copies of The Millennium Celebrationcompilation.

The singer, who said she has never been kissed, now has anoffer on the table from Britain's GotTalent judge Piers Morgan who has said he would take her on a romantic date.Still, Boyle isn't eager to abandon her more homely looks for an extrememakeover just because she is on the television show.

"Iwouldn't want to change myself too much because that would really make things abit false," she told CNN's AmericanMorning on Friday. "I want to receive people as the real me, a realperson."

It's not just Boyle's singing that has fans searching theinternet for related information. Web searches for the term "gobsmacked" spikedafter Boyle used the British slang meaning utterly astonished when describingher reaction to newfound widespread acclaim.

The humble 48-year-old unemployed singer who beganperforming in school productions when she was 12 credits her late mother as theinspiration to audition for the competition show. Boyle's story has already won hertalk show circuit interviews on CNN and LarryKing Live. An appearance on Oprahis said to be in the works.

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