Stop The Presses!

Take A Break From Holiday Madness With Toby Lightman’s Tune

Stop The Presses!

Hey everyone--Christmas is a mere two weeks away, and if you're like most folks celebrating the holiday, you're probably feeling a little stressed out by last-minute details. Presents to buy, parties to attend...pine needles to vacuum. Right?

Well, in hopes of helping you combat the stress, ABC's Music Lounge has worked with us to compile some music to get you in a nice, jolly holiday mood. All of the songs we're featuring are from a roster of cutting edge/up-and-coming artists, and this week we've got a particularly soothing selection: Singer-songwriter Toby Lightman, performing her single "So Natural To Love," which appeared on her 2008 album Let Go.

That said, why don't you let go, pour a cup of eggnog (to heck with the calories), and enjoy a bit of respite from the Christmas countdown madness? We promise not to tell Aunt Martha you haven't even thought of buying her gift yet!

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