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Taylor Swift Grants College Boys’ Wish For A Hug

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Taylor Swift just might be the sweetestcelebrity on earth, at least when it comes to her treatment of fans. Monday,Swift swung by an Alabamauniversity to fulfill the dreams of two students who had been petitioning formonths to get a hug from her. And hug them Taylor did, but she didn't stop at treatingeach of the boys to a good squeeze and a smooch on the cheek: She stayed aroundto put on a surprise live performance for both guysand all the students who showed up to witness the event.


Before you demand your own hug from the20-year-old country megastar, take note: A friendly squeeze from Swift doesn'tcome easily. Auburn University studentsMichael Wekall and Ryan Leander began their quest back in January via their website

When their ambitions came to herattention last month, the country sweetheart responded via a YouTube clip wherein shechallenged the two boys to "start with the basic good deed: helping a littleold lady across the street" if they really wanted some love from her.

The eager college boys wasted no time making a video that showed them andtheir friends helping scores of elderly folks cross the street. "You blew mymind," Taylortold them in a follow-up video response: "I have toadmit, my band and I watched it like 4 million times."

The "Fearless" fanboys upped the ante for their next video,performing 13 good deeds that revolved around Taylor's lucky number 13, such asfilling up a stranger's tank with $13 of gas, picking up trash on Auburn's 13thStreet, and giving 13 roses to the old lady they walked across the street.

Finally, at the start of the schoolweek, Michael and Ryan's dreams came true when the four-time Grammy winner stoppedby their college to make good on her promise. The eventkicked off with the do-goodersleading an enthusiastic crowd through a massive karaoke sing-along to "You Belong to Me."

Taylorinterrupted their performance of her hit single via video-chat broadcast on ascreen in the auditorium. She teased the boys a bit before delivering on herpromise. "I really wish I was there," she told them, then paused thoughtfully."I have an idea." Moments later, the blond pop star was escorted into the roomby Auburn'stiger mascot to appreciative earsplitting screams from the student body.

Wearing a T-shirt that read "A HUG for Ryan& Michael,"she hugged the boys and planted a kiss on each of their cheeks. "I can'tbelieve how far you've taken this," shetold them. "It was so much fun going back and forth with you guys."

Ever the sweetheart, Taylor didn't stop there-she gave Mike andRyan front-row seats to one of her concerts, and then brought out her band totreat everyone in the room to an impromptu live performance.

Photos courtesy of Auburn University

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