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The Classic Crime Donates Pre-Album Sales To Benefit Rebuilding Haiti

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The Seattle rock band TheClassic Crime is donating the pre-sale proceeds from its third album, Vagabond,to benefit Haiti.The 11-track album on Tooth & Nails Records will be released on April 6.

In November 2009, eight weeks prior to the tragic earthquakein Haiti, the band spent aweek in Port-Au-Prince.They contacted Tom Osbeck, the mission director for the Jesus In HaitiMinistry, where his adoptive family of 25 boys, teens and young adults lived, andmade arrangements to stay with him.

While there, the band documented their experiences andcreated a four-part webisode series, The Classic Crime Goes To Haiti.

The videos "depict the happy and sad of what we saw duringour trip," group vocalist and guitarist Matt MacDonald said.

The trip humbled the band. Upon returning to Seattle, they maintainedcontact with Osbeck and sought out ways to help. But when the earthquake hit,they were saddened.

Though affected by the earthquake, Osbeck continues hismission to help, and has become a first responder, helping distribute food andsupplies.

Watch the videos below to see footage of The Classic Crime'stime in Haiti.

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The Classic CrimeGoes To HaitiPart 1
The band boards a plane to leave Seattlefor Haiti.See their reaction to arriving in Port-Au-Prince.They immediately head to the home of Tom Osbeck. Since the devastating 7.0 earthquakein January, Osbeck has taken in an additional residents.

The Classic CrimeGoes To HaitiPart 2
Osbeck gives a tour of an area affected by water damage froma hurricane the preceding year. He describes how the flood separated him fromthe kids for a day and what efforts it took to reach them. The band sings anddances with a room full of children at the orphanage.

The Classic CrimeGoes To HaitiPart 3
The band helps Osbeck prepare for a cookout for the kids.They go to a local store to buy the food and later help serve the happy children.Later the band goes to a local music store to buy instruments to play in churchthat evening. They eat at a local restaurant, before heading to service at Victory Bible Church.


The Classic CrimeGoes To HaitiPart 4
They visit a garbage dump and are surprised to learn that some80 people actually live at the site. Osbeck shares stories of taking food andmedicine on previous visits. The band captures video of the location, including a shackmade of the trash. Random animals survive from finding food among the debris.


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