Stop The Presses!

The First Location-Aware Album: Bluebrain Presents ‘The National Mall’

Stop The Presses!

The Washington D.C.-based band Bluebrain are the first to create a site-specific album that responds directly to listener location.

Taking cues from The National Mall in downtown D.C., the album syncs songs and melodies to a listener's location as they travel to various zones within the Mall.  

The album will be delivered as an iPhone app and works by tracking a users location via the phone's built-in GPS feature. Hundreds of zones within the Mall are tagged, and the sound plays according to where the listener is located in proximity to them.

The zones overlap presenting standalone melodies, rhythms, instrumentation and pace specifically designed for each.

Separated from cultural and historical reference, the album pushes the boundaries of deconstruction not only in song but in the way a very album can be produced and presented.

The National Mall is the first in a series. Upcoming works include audio designs for Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, and a piece that will stretch the entire length of California's Highway 1.

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