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The Many Women of Conrad Murray

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The trial of Dr. Conrad Murray is giving viewers a look into the private life of the personal physician to the late Michael Jackson. Few of those revelations have been positive.

Perhaps most intriguing to the trial's followers has been the information about Dr. Murray's love life. Murray's past and present girlfriends recently took the stand at the trial.

The prosecution is hinting that Murray was perhaps distracted by his girlfriends in the hours leading up to the death of Michael Jackson. A large part of the prosecution's strategy appears to be to paint Murray

as a man who had taken on too many debts. He was earning $150,000 per

month as Jackson's cardiologist.

According to phone records, Murray "was reportedly communicating with four women: Sade Anding, Nicole Alvarez, Michelle Bella, and Bridgette Morgan" near the time of Jackson's death.

In the Search box, it's Nicole Alvarez who is drawing the most attention. Over the past 24 hours, online lookups for the aspiring actress are up over 5,000%. Related searches on her IMDb resume, Facebook page, and biography also hit high notes on Yahoo! Search.

While on the stand, Alvarez, who is the mother to one of Murray's seven children, said she spends time going to rehearsals and "refining my instrument," which she identified as her "being." The odd comment launched a slew of searches on "nicole alvarez instrument."

Sade Anding, another girlfriend of Murray, also gave compelling testimony. In a statement that echoed something she said earlier to ABC's "Good Morning America," Anding said that she received strange calls from Murray on the day of Jackson's death. Anding told "GMA" that he (Murray) "sounded like something was wrong" and that "he didn't sound like himself." Anding also remarked that at the time they met, Murray told her he only had two children, when he actually had seven.

Web searches on Anding were red hot following her court appearance. Online interest spiked over 3,500% and related terms, including "sade anding photos" and "sade anding job," also soared. 

Michelle Bella and Bridgette Morgan spoke at the trial. Their testimony didn't draw as much attention as Anding's and Alvarez's, but that didn't slow the wave of Web interest. Lookups for both Morgan and Bella surged in the Search box.


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