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Towncraft: Documenting A Music Scene In Little Rock, Arkansas

Stop The Presses!


In 1986 there wasn't much to do in the town of Little Rock, Arkansas. Out of boredom with their scene and armed with an intense interest in what was happening musically in the rest of the country, a group of local kids got together to create music.

The result sounded like nothing they'd ever heard before, and created a spark that ignited a powerful underground scene in the unlikely conservative southern town. 

The scene rapidly grew over the next two decades and reverberated through the country, contributing to genres like punk, rockabilly, indie rock, and beyond.

The documentary Towncraft provides an intimate view of the folks who came together to build their music scene from the ground-up. It's an excellent illustration of how DIY culture can happen through efforts like handmade 'zines, home recordings, bootleg shows, and good old-fashioned word of mouth.

The film and soundtrack features Ian Mackaye from Fugazi, Jason White from Green Day, Ben Nichols from Lucero, members of Upright Citizens Brigade, !!!, and more.

It details the philosophies, goals, and the DIY methods they used to get the local scene going. It also teaches us what it's like to be part of a movement from the very beginning, and how participating in a local scene can change your life.

The box set is out now and includes the DVD, a 2-disc soundtrack, and 60 page book.

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