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Tyler, The Creator Tries to Protect the Bieb, but Keyshawn Johnson Isn’t Buying It

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Photo: Mike Ehrmann

The story of our boy Justin Bieber speeding through the streets of his exclusive Calabasas, California neighborhood has more twists and turns than Mulholland Drive. In the latest twist, the Beib's hip-hop pal Tyler, Creator of Odd Future has attempted to take the fall for Justin by tweeting it was him behind the wheel of the speeding Ferrari, not the Beib.

"The was me behind the wheel of Justin's vehicle," Tyler tweeted from his explicitly named Twitter handle. "Don't blame him. People are actually evil swearing up and down that it was who it wasn't."

The Bieb, of course, appreciated the fact that his bro had his back, replying, "All good buddy. I deal with this everyday. Thanks though. The baby ain't mine either."

However, Keyshawn Johnson isn't buying it — at least the part about the car. The former NFL great followed the speeding Ferrari in his Prius and he says it was definitely Justin behind the wheel. "Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and a white kid driving a car," he recently told TMZ. "[Bieber] was sitting in the driver's seat."

However, if Tyler, the Creator is telling the truth, this wouldn't be the first time that the Bieb has loaned his keys to a pal that's gone all fast and furious. Lil Wayne pal Lil Twist was pulled over for speeding in Justin's ride a few months back, and then there was the fatal incident when a young paparazzo was killed chasing the Bieb's car while Twist was behind the wheel.

No matter who's driving, we're calling Justin out. It's his car and he's loaning it out, so he's responsible. He should make better choices about who he's lending his vehicle to. Even better, we're sure the Bieb has enough money to rent out a racetrack so he and his friends can drive as fast as they please and not endanger the neighbors or paparazzi. They can even call the race "The Douchebag 500."

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