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“United Breaks Guitars”: Music Is The Best Revenge

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Sometimes revenge is a dish best served musically.

Country musician Dave Carroll recently had the last laugh with United Airlines, after a protracted battle with the airline that apparently went nowhere. United baggage handlers allegedly damaged Dave's $3,500 guitar during a flight, and following an unsuccessful nine-month crusade to be reimbursed for the damages, Dave finally told a United customer relations manager that his last resort was to make a music video about his ordeal. The manager told him: "Good luck with that, pal."

Well, apparently Dave did have good luck with that. The revenge video above, "United Breaks Guitars," received more than 6 million views on YouTube, and got so much attention and spawned so many parodies that Taylor Guitars actually sent Dave two new custom axes in appreciation for the free publicity.

United Airlines also eventually reached out to Dave and attempted to neogitiate a settlement in exchange for pulling the negatve video from the Web.

To which Dave told them: "Good luck with that, pal."

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