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Vampires & Werewolves & Zombies, Oh My!: Scariest Halloween Videos

Lyndsey Parker
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Yes, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is classic scary stuff, a true inductee in the Halloween Hall of Fame. But while "Thriller" reigns supreme among Werewolf videos, there are plenty of vile videos in the Vampire, Zombie, Skeleton, Creepy Kids, and general Gross-Out categories -- all freaky and frightening enough to give you nightmares until Halloween 2014.

So brace yourself for Yahoo Music's most spooky, kooky, altogether ooky video picks, and remember -- in cyberspace, no one can hear you scream...


Vampires are probably the sexiest and most glamorous of all Halloween monsters. They dress sharp, they get to suck on nubile young victims' necks, they're the subject of steamy Anne Rice novels, and in one Annie Rice film adaption they've even been portrayed by celluloid heartthrobs Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. And with the current, um, appetite for all things Twilight-related, they're the trendiest monsters as well. Vampires are also the focus of some of the coolest Halloween-themed music videos -- from retro B-movie-style clips by the Hives, Rob Zombie, and Rocket From the Crypt, to Goldfrapp's amazing jazzercizing bloodsuckers, to Fall Out Boy's over-the-top Lost Boys tribute, to the somewhat "Thriller 2"-like horror homage by MJ's fallen disciple, Chris Brown. These videos sure don't suck!


A few years ago, there was a sudden onslaught of "Wolf"-named indie acts: Wolfmother, Wolf Eyes, Wolf Parade, Sea Wolf, Patrick Wolf. But none of them made videos as cool as these hairy-chested, full-moon-fevered offerings. From the aforementioned classic Michael Jackson mini-movie "Thriller" to Ozzy Osbourne's vintage '80s horror show, from the artsy frightfest by buzzy Brooklynites TV on the Radio to the modern-day Little Red Riding Hood interpretation by technoheads Death in Vegas, these videos are something to howl about.


Ironically, there are no videos by either the Zombies or Rob Zombie on this list. But these videos starring flesh-rotting, brain-feasting cemetery-dwellers still provide the perfect spooky soundtrack to your personal night of the living dead.


Acts like fop-poppers the Killers, former boy-band star Robbie Williams, and Gallic robots Daft Punk probably don't seem like they'd be all the scary. But the Killers' "Bones" was directed by none other than Tim Burton; the Robbie video gets as bloody-and-gutsy as Saw 3D about midway through; and the Daft Punk clip is simply one of the most bone-chillingly disturbing spectacles you'll ever watch. Bone up on your scary pop here.


As anyone who's viewed Children of the Corn or The Omen will attest, little kids are NOT always cute. And the hatchet-wielding tykes at "Y Control's" terrifying tea party, the Shining-style twins in Slipknot's video, and most of all the Aphex Twin-faced mutant children in "Come to Daddy" -- THE (CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED) SCARIEST VIDEO EVER EVER EVER EVER -- are all enough to make even the super-est Supernanny run away screaming.


Why only one witch video? We're not quite sure, but QOTSA's spooky Salem-trial salute would be hard to top, anyway.


Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, and Tool all deserve honorary mentions for making some of the creepiest, crawliest videos of all time. And as for Skinny Puppy and Fran Ferdinand's montages of gross-out slasher-flick scenes and Interpol's casting of the least cute, least Muppet-like puppet ever...well, they defy categorization, but simply must be included.

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