Stop The Presses!

Video: Car Stereo Takes It To 11

Stop The Presses!

Warning: This video may blow out your speaker system. Well, not really. But the short is a demonstration of some serious megabass. We have no idea how this happened, or even if it's possible. But the amped-up car stereo seems to be so powerful, it creates some kind of a wind tunnel inside the car, causing a woman's long blond hair to blow upward whenever the ear-deafening bass roars: It seriously gives new meaning to the term "hair band."

What's 40,000 RMS? Well, we're no sound engineers. But our translation: It's really, really loud. A typical stereo system is usually around 100 watts and can withstand brief moments of 10,000 watts of sound. But this souped-up stereo can clearly handle a supercharged bass.

We have no way of knowing exactly how "mega" the megabass really is. But as long as nobody's eardrums were harmed in the process, the video sure is entertaining.

Of course, anything this powerfully loud is getting some mega attention. The YouTube video has already caught on with audiophiles, with nearly 39,000 viewers and counting.

Plug your ears and check it out. And, please, don't try this at home.


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