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Viral Video Stars OK Go Parodied In Viral Video

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

OK Go are famous for their groundbreaking, instantly viral videos--the Grammy-winning treadmill tour de force "Here It Goes Again," the Rube Goldberg Machine spectacle "This Too Shall Pass," their latest doggie-style video "White Knuckles"--so it was only a matter of time before they'd become the subject of their own viral parody video.

The funny folks over at Babelgum Comedy are behind the new (fake) OK Go music video, "Giant Pie," which stars a quartet of OK Go lookalikes cavorting around--you guessed it--a very large baked good. "We just wanted to break the wall down of what you could do with food and what you could do with music," the faux OK Go explain.

The main joke of this lampoon is that OK Go are much more known for their increasingly ridiculous videos than for their actual songs at this point in their career. "At first we just wanted the video soundless," says the actor impersonating OK Go singer Damian Kulash. "But then we just tossed it off; we wanted a giant pie song, so we wrote it!" Adds the mustachioed actor playing bassist Tim Nordwind: "A lot of bands have instruments; not a lot of bands have great videos!"

While we personally dig OK Go's powerpop (seriously, "Giant Pie" is a very pale, doughy imitation of actual OK Go tunes like "You're So Damn Hot" and "Get Over It"), we do see Babelgum's point. However, since according to one old adage, imitation is the finest form of flattery, we say OK Go should be very honored here.


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