Stop The Presses!

Vote For Tito Jackson (The OTHER Tito Jackson)!

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

This week most of the Jacksonian hype centers on the late Michael Jackson and the somewhat disappointing chart showing for his posthumous album, Michael. But let us not forget...there's a new Tito Jackson song out!

No, not that Tito Jackson. We're NOT referring to the most awesomely-named Jackson 5 brother, but to the Boston politician who shares that awesome name. That man, henceforth known as The Other Tito, is currently in the running to become Boston's District 7 city councilor, and his campaign song--written, performed, and produced by Boston-based session musician Larry Woo--is going viral.

The self-explanatorily titled soul song, "Vote For Tito Jackson," actually hit the Interweb last year, when The Other Tito previously, unsuccessfully campaigned for a City Council seat. However, as this song continues to pick up steam and rack up YouTube views in 2010, The Other Tito's victory now seems all but guaranteed.

And honestly, admit it...this song is better than Michael Jackson and Akon's "Hold My Hand."

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