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Watch: Eminem’s Crazy ND-U of M Halftime Interview

Stop The Presses!

Notre Dame's Fighting Irish weren't the only ones who failed to "Play like a champion today" during their losing matchup with the University of Michigan's Wolverines Saturday night. Rapper Eminem gave an equally awkward performance, as part of a puzzling interview that took place during the game's halftime.

Em was invited to chat on camera with ESPN's Kerk Herbstreit and Brent Musburger, ostensibly to promote his new video for single "Berzerk." The song is to be featured as part of this year's "Saturday Night Football" season. Aside from that, it was unclear as to why Eminem was even on the program — he is not an alumni of either Michigan or Notre Dame — except for the fact that, you know, he's from Detroit (which is about 45 minutes out of Ann Arbor, where the main U of M campus is located).

But that's the least of the weirdness. To put it bluntly (pardon pun), the rapper appeared completely out of his mind, perhaps on illegal substances, during the several minutes he was on air. Slack jaw? Check. Spaced-out eyes? Check. Inane answers to questions? Check. Watch for yourselves:

Eminem excused his stoner-rific behavior to the smiling sportscasters by chalking it up to not being used to live TV. Um, okay. We'll buy that. At any rate, social media exploded, with Twitter users giving it the expected ribbing, and gifs popping up all over of Em's crazy-eyed blank stare.

We have to give him credit, however. When asked to make a points-spread prediction on Sunday's Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings game, the rapper faltered dismally, but then quickly drew himself together.

"Yes, they'll win!" he concluded confidently.

Hail to the victors valiant.

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