Stop The Presses!

We Are Scientists Go To The Dogs

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

Now, New York indie-jokesters We Are Scientists have never been the type to shy away from oddball humor. This interview, in which they don't give a single straight answer and at one point claim to have replicated all of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video scene-by-scene, is clear proof of that.

As are We Are Scientists' many actual low-on-budget, high-on-laughs music videos, which include gratuitously bloody boxing matches ("It's A Hit"), completely unerotic homoerotic group-shower scenes ("The Great Escape"), action-movie chase scenes starring furry circus bears ("Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt"), and wild west cowboys wrangling packs of Paris Hilton-style purse dogs ("Chick Lit").

But when it comes to funny videos--especially funny videos starring dogs, come to think of it--We Are Scientists have undoubtedly outdone themselves with "After Hours." Not even another chapter of R. Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet" video saga could match the twisted love-triangle (or more like love-quadrangle) brilliance of WAS's latest tour de force--which depicts a double dinner date attended by We Are Scientists' two eligible bachelors, a comely blonde bachelorette, and one sexy beast.

Literally, a sexy beast: a Dalmatian dog, specifically.

And hilarity ensues!

This Dalmatian video is so damn funny it'll have you seeing spots. Prepare to be blinded by We Are Scientists' weird science here:

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