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Why Is Justin Bieber So Freakin’ Popular?

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Justin Bieber's popularity comes from some very obvious reasons, such as his talent and adorable looks. But there are other reasons that may be subtle, but just as important--if not more important--than his complete talent package. What makes Justin Bieber the top teen heartthrob today? Is it his swishing bangs and elfish smile? Could it be his voice that seems to have dodged the deepness of puberty? Or is it his charisma that explodes on stage and screen?

It is all of the above and much more. This kid from Canada has been on this earth only 16 years and is already penning his "life story," which is promised to be a best-seller. The book, Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story, is being published through HarperCollins, according to People magazine. Publishing your life story at 16 speaks volumes to the popularity of this crooning boy wonder.

Justin Bieber is a product of technology. His mom and him put videos of him singing on YouTube, where Usher saw him and eventually endorsed this young man while taking him under his wing, according to CNN Entertainment.

One of the main reasons Bieber became so popular is that the boy can sing. "He has talent," says Yahoo! Music editor Billy Johnson Jr. "He reminded me of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson," Johnson said in an interview with CNN.

Bieber's journey to stardom via the Internet gave his fans a hands-on investment in building up his fame. Unlike the typical road of only buying his albums and attending his concerts, the technology of the Internet allowed his fans to take even more of a personal part in getting him to the top. His fans became online navigators for "Bieber Fever."

Through Twitter, YouTube, and other sites, his fan base grew and "they all had a hand in championing him," says Billboard Magazine's Monica Herrera on CNN.

Bieber is cute; he has the looks that the young girls go for, and his songs are old-fashioned love songs put to a modern beat. One might call him benign when compared to some of the songs and entertainers out there today. "Benign" is good when it comes to one group spending money on "Bieber Fever"--his fans' parents.

Bieber's fan base includes tweens and teens, all at an age where they are still under the watchful eye of mommy and daddy. The albums, movie tickets, T-shirts, and everything else "Justin Bieber" is purchased with mom and dad's money. The parents find this kid likable for his clean and wholesome looks, songs and lifestyle.

Parents endorsing "Bieber Fever" has been a major plus in pushing the growth of this phenomenon, which is getting bigger every day.

Will the "Bieb" be another Michael Jackson? This is not likely, he may even drop a few rungs down the ladder within the next couple years. I wouldn't be surprised if his concerts give way to smaller club shows and country fairs as his fans get older. He is a teen wonder, and unless he can move with the times, like Michael Jackson was able to do, he could be filed under "remember when" with everyone from David Cassidy to the Backstreet Boys.

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