Stop The Presses! remixes The Who’s ‘My Generation’ For Super Bowl Commercial

Stop The Presses!

will.i.amhas been enlisted to remix The Who's1965 classic "My Generation."'s version will be used for a Super BowlXLIV commercial for Qualcomm's Flo TV and features Slash.

The 60-second spot titled "Moments" will feature 100 images of historictelevision memories of the last century, including the fall of the Berlin Wall, the firsttelevision broadcast, pioneer children's TV character Howdy Doody, Rodney King,the bombing of Nagasaki, Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have A Dream" speech, among others.

It will air before The Who's halftime performance.

Below, hear an exclusive sneak preview clip of's remix of The Who's "My Generation."

When the Black Eyed Peas frontmanwas invited to rework the track, he was honored, but hoped the legendary bandwould allow him to add new lyrics.

He thought "will The Who let me change the vocals to talkabout what's going on in my generation?" When he learned that Pete Townshendand the crew were up for his modernized interpretation he got to work.

See archive footage of The Who performing "My Generation" 

"The Who, they repped their generation," the Grammy Awardwinning artist explained. "They inspired music today to be social in thelyrics. I believe if it weren't for The Who there wouldn't be a U2, therewouldn't be a Rage Against The Machine, or the Black Eyed Peas."

When working on the new version, suggested thatthe song also be used to address social issues and raise money for charity."Why don't I acknowledge what's happening in Americaand what's happening in Haitiand raise money and the proceeds go to Haiti, and The Who was down withit," said.

will was also honored to get The Who's approval on hisrendition. "It is awesome to have the ability to be acknowledged by yesterday'sheroes and current icons," will said.

This spot will make will's second consecutive Super Bowlcommercial. For last year's event, he remixed Bob Dylan's "Forever Young."

On Monday, joined more than 70 other artists toremake the 1985 classic "We Are The World." He wrote a special rap segment forthe song.

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